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"Fuck I'm hungry!" - Gandhi. "Full speed ahead and FUCK the icebergs." - Captain of the Titanic. "Scattered showers, my fucking ass!" - Noah. "That's not a real fucking gun." - John Lennon. "What the FUCK was that ?" - Mayor of Hiroshima. "Where did all those FUCKING Indians come from ?" - General Custers. Come on, we haven't found any traps so far. Do you have any grenades left? Throw me one... Don't try this at home, kids, we're trained professionals. Don't worry sir, we can handle it. Don't worry, he is probably just first level. Don't worry, I can hit him! I can hit him! Go ahead, jump! 100,000 lemmings can't be ALL wrong. I can't possibly miss... I don't understand. It should be dead by now. I won't fall in; I just want a better look at what's down there. I'll take off my armor so I'm silent and slip past the dragon. I've been here before. There are no traps in this section. If we look brave and fearless, they won't attack. It's an ancient Klingon ritual for courage. Trust me. Let me handle this. Let's drop our weapons and talk. Me first, me first. Oh, no. We're being rescued. How embarrassing! Okay, I pulled the pin. Now what? Wait! Where are you going? Trust me! Would I lie to you...again? We killed all monsters on this level. Well... I'll touch it again.


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19:33  - da   [aswe]   
hey you chinese guy, what does ba..bo...ben.. banzai??? yeah, wha does it mean?? hey what are you d...



16:21  - Willem   [Vlakbij Maaskantje]   
Toevoeging: It is only a rabbit! (Monty Python & The Holy Grail)



16:17  - Willem   [Vlakbij Maaskantje]   
Toevoeging: I Wonder What This Button Does