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"Any fucking idiot could understand that." - Albert Einstein. "Fuck a duck." - Walt Disney. "Fuck Logic!" - Spock. "Have a day." - Manic depressive. "I can't breathe in this fucking thing!" - Darth Vader. "I'll be Bach." - Johann Sebastian Schwarzenegger. "It fucking does 'so' look like her." - Picasso. "Pick up the fuckin' phone!" - E.T. "Who's going to fucking know?" - President Nixon. "You want 'WHAT' on the fucking ceiling?" - Michelangelo. "YOU! Kidney failure!" - Death. E=mc^2. Nice job, Albert, now show your work. Kirk does S&M: "Beat me up, Scotty.".


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21:15  - Elien      
Toevoeging: Like my good, old friend Shakespear would say it: 'SHUT THE FUCK UP !'