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* A Female's Guide to Logical Thinking * A Full Description of All the Whales That Will Survive The Norwegian Massacre * A Guide To Arab Democracies * A Hiker's Guide To The Ho Chi Minh Trail * A History Of U.S. Presidents That Made Progress * A Millennium Of German Humor * Al Gore: The Wild Years * America's Most Popular Lawyers * American Foreign Policy Successes * American Friends * Americans Today That Are Brighter Than A Lightbulb * Americans Who Understand The Difference Between Punctuation And Grammar * Amish Phone Directory * Anagrams Of The Word "A" * Anything Written By Patrick Swayze * Atheists Who Converted To Christianity * Bedouin Olympic Swimmers * Beginner's Guide To Having Your Leg Fall Asleep * Behave Yourself, by David Letterman * Blind Dates That Worked Out * Burger King Items That Start With "Mc" * Clinton's Unbroken Promises * Cooking Gourmet Dishes With Tofu * Deep Throat For A Two Inch Penis * Deep, Philosophical Implications Of Turning Left * Deep-Thinking Liberals * Dentures For Sharks * Detroit - A Travel Guide * Different Ways to Spell "Bob" * Dutch Generosity Through The Centuries * Dwarfs With Champion Big Dicks * Educational Guide To MTV * Engineer's Guide to Fashion * Eskimo Swimsuit Models * Ethiopian Tips On World Dominance * Everything Men Know About Women * Everything Women Know About Men * Exciting Things To Do In Worcester * Famous Australians Of The Fourteenth Century * Fashion Statements Of Alcatraz Prison * Fast And Efficient Windows Applications * Favorite Foreign Emigration Destinations Of The French * Feminists Worth Marrying * Fire Escape Routes From The Bottom Of Lake Michigan * Folk Stories Of The Canadian-Portugese Border Patrol * French Hospitality * Fun Party Games Involving Porcupines * Fun With Bloodstained Calligraphy * Fun With Feces * Fun With Sharp, Painful Needles * Fun With UNIX * George Bush: The Wild Years * Great Blonde Thinkers Through The Ages * Hemophilic Vampires * Heroes Of The Australian Resistance During World War II * Heterosexual Lesbians * Hilarious Female Comics * Hindu Beef Recipes * Honesty In The White House: 1969-1974 * Household Uses For Plutonium * How Paperclips Work * How To Cook Sushi * How To Sustain A Musical Career, by Art Garfunkel * How To Win Your Life Back With A Nice Big Cheeseburger * Human Rights Advances in China * Italian War Heroes * Jewish Sports Legends * Life As An Air Traffic Controller, by Ray Charles * List Of Canadian Men That Have A Penis longer than 4 Inches * Men Who Like Circumcision * Mike Tyson's Guide to Dating Etiquette * Mime Talk * Mother Teresa's Guide To Erotic Pottery * Mountaineering The Netherlands * My Favorite Barbers, by Yassir Arafat * My Favorite Jewish Barbers, by Yassir Arafat * My Favorite Jews, by Yassir Arafat * My Life As A Woman, by Martina Navratilova * My Plan To Find The Real Killers by OJ Simpson * My Secrets And Tips To Make Friends, by Darth Vader * My Thoughts, by Ronald Reagan * NFL's Greatest Thinkers Ever * National Directory Of Irish AA Members * Nice Guys Who Got To Be President * Nicknames For "Al" * One-Legged Folk Dances * Party Tricks With Boiling Lead * Pittsburgh When It's Not Raining: A Photographic Collection * Pope's Wife, A Very Nice Nancy * Quantum Physics For Absolute Morons * Reasons Not To Have Sex * Recent Advances In Flying Submarine Technology * Russian Humor Throughout The 1960's * Safe Driving In France * Satan's Love Letters * Scottish World Cup Successes * Staple Your Way To Success * Straight Hairdressers * Successful Trekkies * Swedish War Heroes * Things I Wouldn't Do for Money by Dennis Rodman * Things That Look Like An Apple, Taste Like An Apple, But Are Not An Apple * Things That Taste Better With Arsenic * Total Vocabulary Of Arnold Schwarzenegger * User Friendly UNIX * Water-skiing In The Bermuda Triangle * Well-Fucked Virgins * Why People Are More Important Than Animals, by Greenpeace * Windows Programming Made Easy


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